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What is Iridology?

Iridology is a proactive diagnostic method that allows the physician to identify eyes every iris-hidden disease, long before the appearance of symptoms. People usually say that eyes are "the mirror of the soul" ... we say that "the eyes are the mirror and the body."
The method
iridologiaVia specialized equipment - where iris image is transformed through a slit lamp with a special head to a computer or a camera or video - your iris image is captured for further study.

Magifying the recorded image and using specialized equipment, our specialised iridologist will observe the tiny lesions that look like tiny dots to collect information that will help in the process of iris scanning.

Iris' surface is not flat, but has a sculpted form that strongly resembles a crater.

On the surface, the iridologist recognizes body's weaknesses, any latent tendencies, temperament of the patient like vitality, state organs and various other pathologies in progress.


In what kind of conditions may iridology help us?

  • Genetic predisposition of the body

  • The sensitivity of organs or tissues

  • Possible inflammation of organs, chronic tenderness and / or degeneration

  • Toxins in the body

  • Previous health problems and other sensitivities, organ dysfunction (expressed or not the symptom).

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