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Holistic Medicine (Iridoanalysi - bioresonance)

Ophthalmic Surgeon - MD Aesthetic Medicine - Oculoplastic


Surgeon Ophthalmologist Tsioumas Sotiris C. is a graduate of the University of Modena (Northern Italy).

The completion of his medical specialty in Oncology "AGIOS SAVVAS" on restoration disorders such as eyelid lacrimal apparatus and orbit, eyelid surgery, cataract surgery with phacoemulsification method etc, consist only a stopover on the road to his constant quest for the best possible for humans to therapeutic issues aimed at improving the quality of life. Tsioumas Sotiris C. has conducted "Fellowships in Advanced photorefractive surgeries" for laser surgery to correct refractive errors, giving a 100% success joy to hundreds of patients to throw away their glasses or get rid of discomfort of chronic use of contact lenses.

Another stopover, includes Tsioumas Sotiris C. specialization in Aesthetic Medicine by attending the respective MSc course at the State University of "Tor Vergata" of Rome.

Tsioumas Sotiris C. subject specialization includes everything of pathological cause that may damage or injury from the ravages of time on the ocular, periocular area and generally in the face (remove tumors painlessly and bloodlessly without sutures R / F, botox, hyaluronic acid - fillers - for fill wrinkles, mesotherapy, peeling, yarn, combat unsightly dark circles image etc.

Tsioumas Sotiris C. constant vigilance for scientific research into new methods in the broader field of medicine leads him to Brussels where he actively participates in special course regarding facial rejuvenation surgery with new technical applications in blepharoplasty, mini lift, lipofiling, botox and on the endoscopic surgical nasal and orbital as endoscopic tumor removal, etc.

Basic principle of Dr. Sotiris C. Tsiouma consists that "a doctor, in order to remain consistent with his primary purpose, i.e. helping people, should have an open mind and process stimuli associated with any innovative therapeutic or diagnostic issues before discarding them".

Besides his unwavering belief is consistent with the principle of aesthetic medicine and anti-aging approach where the individual is checked in endocrine, immune and neuropsychiatric level. Three axes that are namely interlinked and absolutely crucial for the smooth functioning of the human organism.

Compassing of this principle, Tsioumas Sotiris C. opened the window to holistic approach of the human side.

Additionaly, Tsioumas Sotiris C. obtained a diploma from N.I.S. in iridoanalysis field.

Tsioumas Sotiris C. attended also numerous seminars in bioresonance.

State EAFPS, Member of AIME,

Member of the Greek Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Reformed Member

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