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What is the PRGF ENDORET™ technique?

When we suffer an injury, the human body releases proteins (cellular messages) to stimulate the healing process.

PRGF - ENDORET™ technique isolates plasma proteins that are responsible for the treatment and/or bone tissue regeneration. Once applied to a treatment lesion, the regeneration process is accelerated.

To implement this process, it is necessary to obtain a small amount of blood of the patient and centrifuge to extract protein rich plasma - growth factors.

This plasma is then incorporated, where the treatment or regeneration of tissue or bone is required.

Are there any indications against this method?

This is the only technique using autologous mechanisms originating from the same patient's body.

Given results exist in more than 10,000 patients in different fields of medicine. This process may be considered to be an autograft, since it uses the proteins of the patient who is responsible to conduct and accelerate the healing process.

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PRGF - ENDORET ™ treatment may be applied in most patients and is especially recommended for people with healing problems, in need of stimulation of bone or tissue regeneration as in the case of smoking and diabetes.

PRGF - ENDORET ™ usage may adequately stimulate bone and tissue growth after surgeries, injuries, lasers, peelings etc. and simultaneously to achieve rapid healing.


What is the final result?

  • faster wound healing

  • faster recovery / healing after laser resurfacing, peelings, mesotherapy, minor aesthetic medicine.

How PRGF - ENDORET™ implicates in therapy?

Rehabilitation and healing is achieved so that the risk of infection or other postoperative complications is decreased. PRGF - ENDORETTM guarantees remarkable improvement, absence of pain and rapid healing.

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